Plum Island SLC-Expressive Center (PISEC)
Owner SLC-Expressive Services Agency Established 2017
Purpose SLC-Expressive Research
Status 24-hours

The PISEC (acronym pronounced pie-seck) is a state-of-the-art research facility located on Plum Island just under 100 miles from the NYC Safe Zone. The facility's primary purpose is further researching the nature of SLC-Expressive humans within the boundaries of federal and international law. Additionally, the facility contains a small Department of Justice run detention center for select prisoners with "actionable skills" detained here either for access to their knowledge or in work-release programs. The PISEC facility is staffed by 500 employees who work on rotating schedules and a small team of twelve primary researchers.

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Plum Island SLC-Expressive Center (PISEC)

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Residents are prisoners performing a work service for the United States government. They are not permitted to leave Plum Island and are not allowed outside of the PISEC without a security escort.

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