Owner Praxis Heavy Industries Established 2015
Purpose US Corporate Headquarters
Status Inhabited (Population: 18,212)
Affiliation Praxis Heavy Industries

Formerly Alameda, Praxia is an island city fully reconstructed by Praxis Heavy Industries as their initial footprint in the California Safe Zone. Between 2012 and 2013 the island of Alameda was scoured by wildfires sparked by the Second American Civil War. The deadly fires claimed thousands of lives and leveled nearly every building on the island. Praxis Heavy Industries began a full reconstruction effort in late 2015 utilizing automated material-fabrication drones to assist in the reconstruction effort. Due to the materials used in the reconstruction, much of the island of Praxia is covered in concrete and asphalt, giving it a distinctly gray appearance when viewed from afar. The majority of the island of Praxis consists of factories, private military installations, and the four city block footprint of the Praxia Ziggurat, a self-contained arcology. Praxia is patrolled by private military security owned by Praxis Heavy Industries, including a number of military combat drones not otherwise permitted on US soil due to laws passed at the end of the civil war.

As a part of Praxis Heavy Industries' contract with the United States, the island of Praxia is deemed an independent sovereign nation and has its own laws and regulations. The border of Praxia is treated as an international boundary.



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