Praxis Ziggurat
Owner Praxis Heavy Industries Established 2017
Purpose Praxis Heavy Industries North American Headquarters
Affiliation Praxis Heavy Industries

The Praxis Heavy Industries North American Headquarters, also known as the Ziggurat, is a self-contained enclosed arcology constructed between 2015 and 2017 on the former island of Alameda in what is now the California Safe Zone. The arcology's purpose is to serve as a centralized base of operations for all of Praxis Heavy Industries' North American operations, primarily the reconstruction of the California Safe Zone.

The Praxis Ziggurat looms 42 stories over street level and houses all of the conveniences of a modern city within, reserved exclusively for Praxis Heavy Industries employees. The arcology features corporate offices, an internet hub and on-site support services, shopping centers, restaurants, and a hotel reserved for corporate guests. The arcology also hosts a suite of automated and human security features. Located below the arcology is a nuclear power plant that fuels not only the arcology, but will also power all of the California Safe Zone.

Praxis Ziggurat

Additional Info

Floor Notes

  • 42nd: Director's office and five additional conference rooms and bathrooms.
  • 41st: 8 Executive Suites, Executive Gym, Executive Lounge
  • 40th—36th: Executive Residence Level; dozens of large suites for high-ranking employees and VIP guests. Each floor also has a private gym and lounge
  • 35th Floor: Executive Security; armory, security suite, central security command; Qin autonomous security drone docking stations.
  • 34th Floor: Praxis Heavy Industries Information Security; central server cluster, data processing centers, info-sec department suites


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