Ravenswood Generating Station
Owner Yamagato Industries Established 2020
Purpose Power Distribution
Status 24/7
Affiliation Yamagato Industries

Ravenswood Generating Station is a 2,480 megawatt power plant in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of the NYC Safe Zone. It is owned and operated by Yamagato Industries. The plant is fueled primarily by biofuel and natural gas which heats the boilers. The current power plant is built on the footprint of the original Ravenswood Generating Station which was destroyed in 2009 during a confrontation between the freedom-fighting group Phoenix and the Vanguard. Ravenswood required nearly five years of reconstruction to become operation. In that time Yamagato Industries refitted the plant from a fuel oil plant to converting and burning biofuel to lessen its carbon emissions footprint. While not a fully renewable energy plant, Yamagato Industries has plans to phase out Ravenswood following the completion of a 100% green energy power station slated to be constructed at the site of the former Consolidated Edison Power Plant sometime in 2023.

Ravenswood Generating Station came online in May of 2020, ending the need for rolling blackouts within the New York City Safe Zone, signaling the end of the "reconstruction" era to many of the city's citizens.

Access to Ravenswood Generation Station is strictly controlled by Yamagato Industries.

Ravenswood Generating Station

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Near the entrance of Ravenswood there is a granite plinth featuring a memorial plaque that reads:

In Memoriam: Conrad Wozniak
Hero to the people of New York, for without his courageous sacrifice on these grounds millions of lives would have been lost to fear and terror.

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