Raytech Industries Campus
Owner Raytech Industries Established July 2020
Purpose Corporate Research
Status Active
Affiliation Raytech Industries

The Raytech Industries Campus (RIC) is a four-block section of Jackson Heights owned and operated by Raytech Industries. The RIC grounds are designed in a what is known as "Eco Brutalist" style, incorporating the bare concrete and stark contrasting architectural styles of Brutalism with an ecologically friendly footprint. The rooftop of all buildings within the RIC are forested or house public gardens. The center of the four-building campus is a private park and reflecting pool called Raytech Commons. The northwest facility in the Raytech Industries campus is the company's NYCSZ Branch Office, the northeast building is the Raytech Corporate Housing building, while the southeast facility of the Raytech-Yamagato Greenhouse which features a street-facing entrance for public access and Yamagato Industries employees so as ti not require they request entrance to the campus proper. The southwest facility is still under construction but will be Raytech's NYCSZ mechanical fabrication lab, scheduled for completion in 2022.

Raytech Industries Campus


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  • The RIC grounds are surrounded by a fifteen foot high iron rod perimeter fence secured by four gated entrances on the north, east, south, and west sides of the campus grounds. Entrance to the campus is open from the hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and guests receive temporary security badges while on-premises that track their position within campus grounds using embedded RFID sensors. Badges are coded to allow access to specific campus buildings depending on the clearance afforded to any one guest. Security is provided by Redbird Security Solutions, a private security firm owned and operated by Raytech Industries.
  • In some facilities a secondary biometric scan (fingerprint) may be required for access to secure areas.
  • Separate hidden and visible CCTV network cameras cover the campus for both office/warehouse and residential apartment areas. Both areas have signs posted in public areas notifying people that they are being recorded.
  • Personnel are CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) trained in emergency situations and threat recognition. Self defense courses are offered on occasion, or personnel are referred to courses available at various places such as The Benchmark.
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