Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office
Owner Richard Ray Established 2017
Purpose Raytech NYC Safe Zone Branch Office
Status Active
Employees Raytech Industries Employees
Affiliation Raytech Industries

The Raytech Industries New York City Safe Zone branch office is formed by a mid-sized campus of reconstructed brick and mortar warehouse and office building and on-campus living residential apartments for employees and company guests. As one of the first major buildings in the area, the company is focused on improvements and reconstruction efforts in the local area.

Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office

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  • The local power grid is heavily supplemented by the facility's extensive solar collection grid; the normal brownout schedule causes little more than a flicker of the lights when the building has to switch to stored power.
  • The facility features satellite internet and a robust facility intranet. Employees are advised to connect their cellphones to the intranet, which will allow them to call each other within the facility with little problem. Calling out requires connecting to the satellite internet and switching to wi-fi calling - which will have abysmal quality but at least is possible.
  • The property has its own well and pump system supplemented by the new public water system.


  • Separate hidden and visible CCTV network cameras cover the campus for both office/warehouse and residential apartment areas. Both areas have signs posted in public areas notifying people that they are being recorded.
  • Keycards/IDs are required in employees-only points. In some cases, a secondary biometric scan (fingerprint) may be required for access.
  • Non-lethal security measures to deal with intrusions are installed in various points within the office building including the front lobby, server room areas, and around executives offices.
    • Most notably: a sticky, expanding foam concoction that is aimed and fired in paint-ball style pop-out and disguised distribution points. The projectile bursts and the mixture contacts with the air, causing a catalyzed expansion in volume and hardening of the material.
  • Personnel are CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) trained in emergency situations and threat recognition. Self defense courses are offered on occasion, or personnel are referred to courses available at various places such as The Benchmark.
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