Red Hook Market
Owner Safe Zone Cooperative Established July 4th, 2016
Purpose Public Market and Civic Gathering Hall
Status 7am to 8pm, daily
Employees Safe Zone Cooperative Members and Business Owners
Affiliation Safe Zone Cooperative

The Red Hook Market resides within the gutted shell of Textile Factory 17, a turn-of-the-century mill building that once served as the headquarters of New York's FRONTLINE civil defense organization. Miraculously, the building survived the civil war largely unscathed except for the total collateral loss of its electronics to the EMP that ravaged Manhattan. When the building was reclaimed by Gilbert Tucker in late 2015, it was remodeled with the intention of turning it into a central community hub for the entirety of the Safe Zone. Today, the multiple above-ground buildings serve as meeting halls, council chambers, offices, and storage rooms for the Safe Zone Cooperative. The basement levels, a labyrinthine maze of brick corridors, vaulted storage spaces, and small nooks, have become the sprawling home of the Red Hook Market, an open-air bazaar with free admittance to every Safe Zone resident.

The market features pop-up vendor stalls, a single bar called the Red Hook Tavern, and food vendor stalls. The newest trend is stalls boasting tech and tech accessories for a decent price. And with far more stable internet and phone connections all over the Safe Zone, they have been very popular, indeed. Many are pleased that the Market now sports a solar grid, giving it its own independent power. The Market makes a steady income by selling its surplus power back to the city and has attracted more sellers and customers who are comforted by the fact that here they are not serving at the whims of Yamagato.

Red Hook Market


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