Red Ridge Market
Owner City of New York Established 2016
Purpose Public Market
Status 8 am to 8 pm

The Red Ridge Market (also known as the Border Ridge Market) is the largest marketplace in the Safe Zone. It is a sprawling pastiche of converted dockside warehouses, mills, and shipping containers along the western Bay Ridge waterfront area. Open air markets fill the streets over a two city block sprawl and spaces both owned and rented are flooded with merchandise brought in from overseas and from along the US coast and from Canada. During day and night hours the marketplace is bustling with pedestrians and horseback traffic with no roads for non-business vehicles. Though it isn't uncommon to see a box truck trying to carefully ply its way through a sea of foot traffic.

Boutique restaurants, cafes, and shops can be found here, and the market and its vendors benefit from the dense population and the convenience of the location beside the Safe Zone Transport Commission. While the few larger restaurants have their own limited seating areas, most of the crowded streets offer diverse selection of food which can be eaten at a table in the mass seating area or taken to go. Indoor shops within the warehouses and mills tend to be pricier with more upscale products; the stalls on the outside tend to attract a younger clientele looking for interesting apparel, art, or jewelry.

Market security is on a business-by-business basis and petty theft is commonplace.

Red Ridge Market


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