Refurbished Storage Building
Owner Dr. Yi-Min Yeh Established March 2019
Purpose Chemical laboratory and dispensary; medicinal drug and compound production
Status In use

This small, squat, windowless brick building sitting adjacent to the main factory once served as a site for extra raw material storage, but its original purpose would be all but impossible to ascertain from the interior, which has undergone recent transformation into an improvised laboratory. Cleaned out of the buildup of dust and many other contaminants resulting from long years without human maintenance, it is now as sterile an environment as possible in the circumstances: an impression accentuated by the cool, white luminosity of the installed lighting.

The space's use for ongoing research (or at least, ongoing development of some kind) is marked by the array of handheld chemical apparati and variously-filled samples cluttering the tabletops. These in turn are dwarfed by the contortive tubes and mechanisms of larger, specialized laboratory paraphernalia— jury-rigged to the last, but painstakingly field-tested for function. Glass bottles, jars, and vials of numerous shapes and styles line a high shelf along the longest wall, each affixed with a label in meticulously penned Mandarin characters.

The blocky and towering contour of an industrial air purifier unit in a back corner reverberates with a low background hum, audible from both the central chamber and either of the two side rooms. At the end of the narrow corridor leading to these is a single door with a digital lock, leading downwards.

Refurbished Storage Building

Additional Info

  • Visiting hours are just whenever Yi-Min is around. To the residents of Providence, she keeps an array of medicine on hand on a pay-what-you're-able basis. If a particular drug is unavailable, she will find ways to acquire it or make it herself, with priority based on need.
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