Rikers Island Prison
Owner US Department of Corrections Established 2020
Purpose Correctional Facility
Status Operational
Visitation Hours: 8am — 5pm

Rikers Island Prison is a wholly new construction built on the footprint of the original Rikers Island Correctional Facility. The structure was designed through a partnership with Yamagato Industries as a part of their Safe Zone Initiative project. Rikers Island Prison is unlike any currently existing in the United States today and is intended to be a model of US prison reform nationwide. The current structure are four pairs of of 6-level prisons, each containing a maximum of 480 prisoners total. Each prison is maintained by a prison staff operating from a basement-level command center and ground floor operations facility.

The original Rikers Island Prison had a historic pre-war reputation for violence, both abuse and neglect of inmates and numerous assaults by inmates on uniformed and civilian staff, resulting in often serious injuries. The post-war Rikers Island is run with a markedly different operational methodology in accordance with new US legislation regarding the care and treatment of prisoners across the country. The prison focuses not only on incarceration, but also reform and education, having an on-call staff of dedicated therapists and counselors as well as an on-site higher education system intended to assist in the rehabilitation and reintegration process.

Rikers Island Prison utilizes state-of-the-art security features designed to assist in protecting the prison from both Expressive and Non-Expressive threats designed by Yamagato Industries. SLC-Expressive prisoners are kept under chemical negation pending a behavioral analysis and ability inspection period, after which time inmates with abilities that are not classified as a safety risk for inmates or staff may be allowed to resume use of their powers. SLC-Expressive and Non-Expressive inmates are contained together, though special care is taken to segregate prisoners who have a history of any violent crime against a marginalized group or gender for the safety of general population.

Rikers Island Prison

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Visiting at Rikers Island

All visitors must complete and submit a visitor application. A separate application must be completed for each proposed visitor (minor or adult). It is recommended that applicants have all required documentation ready and available prior to filling out the online application to ensure successful completion and submission. The Department only accepts Electronic Visit Applications for prison visits at this time.

Applications are generally processed within two weeks, though in some cases more time may be needed. Please allow a minimum of one month before inquiring with the Headquarters Visit Unit regarding application status. Submitting multiple applications for an individual visitor will cause a delay in processing.

Please note visitors whom are 18 years of age and older must present a valid, current photo identification at the time of the visit (e.g., driver's license or state ID card, passport, military or government identification, tribal identification, alien registration).

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