Roosevelt Island
Owner City of New York Established Re-Integrated 2020
Purpose Neighborhood

Roosevelt Island, formerly known as Welfare Island and before that Blackwell's Island, is a narrow island in the East River of New York City. It lies between the Manhattan Exclusion Zone to its west and the neighborhood of Jackson Heights to its east. The island is about two miles long, with a maximum width of 800 feet, and a total area of 147 acres. Most of the residential buildings on Roosevelt Island are rental buildings.

Following the 2006 bomb, Roosevelt Island suffered a great deal of damage from the throw debris from the explosion of Midtown Manhattan. Subsequent fires, looting and food riots on the island left what was once a prosperous neighborhood in ruins in the aftermath. During the Second American Civil War much of Roosevelt Island was flattened during the bombing campaign that destroyed the Queensboro Bridge and remained uninhabited for years following the end of the war. Between 2015 and 2020, Yamagato Industries led a push to reclaim and rebuild the island, incorporating it into the NYC Safe Zone proper.

Today, Roosevelt Island is almost entirely reconstructed and the span of the Queensboro Bridge has likewise been rebuilt. Roosevelt Island is a cosmopolitan hub of art, commerce, and education featuring the most state of the art medical and educational facilities in the Safe Zone. The neighborhood has been dubbed "Little YP" by residents, a shorthand for Little Yamagato Park, thanks to its cutting edge technology and futuristic design reminiscent of the elegant architecture featured in Yamagato Park.

Roosevelt Island


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