Rose and Trellis
Owner Ingrid Ryans Established 2015
Purpose Florist
Status Tues-Sun, 9am-4pm

The interior of Rose and Trellis smells exactly of what you'd expect — flowers — but also spices, incense, and well-worn cedar wood floors. It's a cozy sort of scent that inspires feelings of warmth and belonging, an aesthetic that is also reflected in the florist shop's compact size and farm-house style decor.

A small selection of glass and terracotta pots and vases lines the wall closest to the door. The highest shelves are accessible only by a flimsy-looking wooden ladder propped up against it that, for the most part at least, is more for looks than for utility.

The flowers themselves vary depending on the season, ranging from tall, lacey stalks of purple delphiniums in summer to white roses and frosted succulents in the winter, and everything in between. Ask the owner about this week's special.

Rose and Trellis

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