Ruins Of Queens
Owner US Federal Government Established N/A
Purpose Ruins
Status Illegally Inhabited

What remains of the neighborhood of Queens outside of the Safe Zone is little more than a crumbling ruin. Demolished factories, residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, and all other urban infrastructure is laid to rubble. Structures fall further into ruin every day, with building collapses a frequent reminder of the state of the world at large. Packs of wild dogs roam the ruins alongside gangs of scavengers and opportunistic criminals looking to ambush unwary Safe Zone travelers. There are no organized gangs in the Ruins of Queens, but it does not diminish the danger of the region. Health hazards in the area originate from several destroyed gas and chemical plants along the coast that are still leaking toxic chemicals into the ground. Occasionally, heavily armed Yamagato survey crews can be found in the ruins, attempting to assess damage in preparation for Safe Zone expansions in the future.

East beyond Queens, the remainder of Long Island are sparsely populated by hold-outs living off the grid. Military and industrial assets along the island are in varying states of ruin, including the old Fort Hero installation.

Ruins Of Queens


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