Ruins Of The Bronx
Owner US Federal Government Established 1624
Purpose Ruin
Status Mostly Uninhabited

While not physically connected to the Manhattan Exclusion Zone, the Bronx was never-the-less devastated by the 2011 riots and the ensuing Civil War. There is no functional electrical grid in the Bronx due to the destructive EMP that ripped through most of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs on November 8th, 2011. As such, there was nothing to stop the rampant fires that tore through much of Manhattan from spreading to the Bronx and beyond. The ensuing violence of the civil war further drove the Bronx into ruin, and today little stands except for the burned out shells of buildings and devastation that stretches far beyond the boundaries of New York City. Some people choose to live within the ruins of the Bronx, primarily in subterranean residences holed out in partially cut off subway tunnels or other difficult-to-access areas. Many of these individuals are holdout civilian supporters of the Mitchell Administration who have not put down arms. Others are smugglers and opportunistic criminals looking to make money off of the residents of the Safe Zone.

Ruins Of The Bronx


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