Satoru Memorial Garden
Owner Delia Ryans Established 2015
Purpose To provide residents with a different method of obtaining food.
Status Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 1-5pm
Employees Amadeus and his little band of raggamuffins

Winding paths slip between wood frames filled with soil, each growing its own, unique variety, giving the garden a mosaic of greenery. The northwest corner holds plant beds dedicated to seasonal plants, each blooming in turn and providing flowers almost all year around. Centered within these beds is a tall menhir with a plaque inscription reading “Satoru: Forever Loved, Always Remembered”. The Satoru Memorial Garden was reclaimed from old parkland in Elmhurst and the residents of the Safe Zone are welcome to rent out a plot to grow whatever they choose. The eclectic nature of the garden and its gift of beauty and nourishment are all part of the dedication, whether the people partaking know it or not.

Much like the Safe Zone itself, the garden is fenced to prevent theft of food and is patrolled regularly not only by garden customers but other volunteers that Delia has helped with donations of food.

Satoru Memorial Garden

Additional Info

  • The garden has a total of 300 plots: 200 of which are 20’x20’, 75 that are 10’x20’, and 25 that are 10’x10’.
  • Rent is either by cash per year or 25% of harvest if fruit and vegetables are grown. Should the harvest not yield enough to cover rent, the renter is expected to cover the extra.
    • 20x20 = $200
    • 10x20 = $150
    • 10x10=$100
  • Monthly rental is available at a cost of $50 per month but those customers are last to be picked from the waiting list. Some customers have sublet their plots to others on a monthly basis but generally charge more than Delia does.
  • There is a long waiting list of people wanting plots.
  • Seeds can be purchased from Delia Ryans or imported.
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