SEA-TAC Safe Zone
Owner Yamagato Industries/United States Government Established 2019
Purpose City
Status Active Construction Site

The SEA-TAC Safe Zone is lauded as the "city of tomorrow", the first newly constructed habitable zone in the PNW Dead Zone and sister city to the beleaguered California Safe Zone. Currently, the SEA-TAC Safe Zone is the largest active construction site in the United States. The site's footprint covers the entirety of Vashon Island with the majority of the construction centered around the Yamagato Industries Washington Center at the heart of the island. The majority of construction work is building up the foundation and basement levels while the upper steel frame awaits work. Miles of tunnels have been dug deep below Vashon Island, made challenging by the relatively high water table. Deep boring units used for tunneling subway systems were flown in from Japan and SLC-Expressive workers from Yamagato Industries are deployed to help mitigate some of the engineering challenges.

Due to the SEA-TAC Safe Zone's relative distance from the parts of the country unaffected by EMP damage, little media coverage of the city's construction exists. Unknown to most, the United States Government secretly diverted all work at the Safe Zone toward the construction of a subterranean shelter intended to survive a coronal mass ejection that will wipe out all life on Earth. Most of the construction workers have no idea what they are building or why, or just how close Armageddon is.

SEA-TAC Safe Zone

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