Sedro-Woolley Colony
Owner Joshua Lang, Iago Ramirez, Emile Danko and Eileen Ruskin Established 2017
Purpose Commune
Status Active

The Sedro-Woolley Colony is a sprawling commune of more than twenty-five hundred individuals nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains on the border of Skagit Valley: a mixture of overgrown farmland and dense woodland divided by fast-flowing creeks and green milky rivers.

The commune itself is located on the land that once belonged to the Northern State Hospital, and consists of a hodgepodge mix of new and old construction that repurposes the site's abandoned buildings and erects new ones as needed. As of May, 2018, the Sedro-Woolley Colony has established a water reservoir, rudimentary sewage system, lumber mill, green house, gymnasium, library, a communal dining room, cemetery, gallows, and the beginning of a 700-acre farm for growing vegetables and raising livestock, including sheep, alpacas, and horses. Electricity is provided by solar paneling, the origins of which the commune's leadership refuses to divulge.

Inhabitants may live in either of the commune's two repurposed dormitories, or smaller, individual housing depending on their needs and level of independence.

Sedro-Woolley Colony

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