SESA Red Hook
Owner SESA Established 2017
Purpose SLC-Expressive Social Services and Outreach
Status 9am to 5pm weekdays
11am to 3pm weekends
Employees SESA Employees
Administrative Agent Penny Birch
Affiliation SESA

The small ground-floor office on the corner of Connover and Coffee Street in Red Hook isn’t much to look at from the outside. The brick-faced facade survived the Civil War mostly intact, most people might mistake it for an accountant’s office or a bank branch, save for the large sign set above the doors that reads: SESA RED HOOK. Inside, SESA Red Hook maintains the same trendy aesthetic as the Fort Jay office, with exposed wood juxtaposed against glass walls both transparent and frosted. The office has an administrative foyer staffed by one admin agent, a windowed sitting room, and 4 conference rooms (Evergreen, Sage, Viridian, and Hunter). The outreach office is staffed by a rotating team of 12 SESA employees. Field agents do not work out of the outreach office, but are called in to handle a number of public relations affairs.

SESA Red Hook

Additional Info

SESA Outreach Offices

“Outreach” offices are small SESA branches, located in each neighborhood of the Safe Zone. They are staffed by social workers that help SLC-Expressives on a number of societal issues from managing their post-manifestation life, questions about being expressive, help finding work, fielding reports of discrimination, and a host of other quality-of-life services. Field Agents are available on-call from Fort Jay to handle reports of abuse, violence, or other situations where law enforcement is required.

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