Sheepshead Bay
Owner City of New York Established Refounded; May 17th, 2015
Purpose Neighborhood; Port
Status Inhabited

College town meets port-side bustle, Sheepshead Bay has taken on a utilitarian-style chic. Apartment buildings with small, but comfortable apartments cater to the young adult population and the dock worker alike, built for people who use their homes to sleep and little else. Party spaces have taken over where empty, crumbling lots once were, decorated with "upcycled" string lights made from found objects and tables and chairs made from a blend of dark wood and metal pipes. The shopping center marks the border between the housing section and the newly revamped port, and an unconventional one, at that. Each shop is a repurposed shipping container, painted in bright colors and holding small but fashionable businesses. Clothes range from the cheapest that fast fashion has to offer all the way up to handmade and made-to-order garments by local artists. One-of-a-kind furniture is also available, as well as unique decor items. It all caters to a youthful (and mostly disposable) lifestyle. Nightlife here is hard to rival as each nightclub, pub or venue is matched by another battling for custom. It leaves Sheepshead with little down time— a true reclaiming of the city that never sleeps.

Sheepshead Bay


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