South Bronx Food Supply Co
Owner Vernon Cross? Established 2018 (reestablished)
Purpose Grocery Store
Status Monday through Friday, 10am to 3pm
Employees Joe Winters — Cashier

Set up out of a small grocery store three blocks north of where Pugsley and Westchester Creeks feed into the East River, this bodega, painted bright lime green, was once a small convenience store that served the neighborhood around it; it has weathered the war and all of the goings-on of New York, and fortunately made it out with just a bit of peeled paint. All sides of the building are surrounded by corrugated steel fencing topped with barbed wire; the alcove leading to the entrance has several concrete posts, connected with metal chains. Over the front canopy, a sign is hung; it says, written in a Graffiti font, 'South Bronx Food Supply'.

The inside of the store is much nicer than the outside. While everything within is certainly old and weathered, it is kept almost obsessively clean, possibly even held to state standards. Black and white checkered tile is kept swept and mopped, and the shelves are kept dusted. The food within varies; it is, for the most part, nonperishables, though occasionally a shipment of relatively fresh fruits or veggies comes in. It is kept well stocked most of the time, though supply is tightly controlled; it's not unheard of for supplies to run out for the day. Prices are noticably higher than one might pay for food within the Safe Zone, but that is the premium one pays for readily available food in a food shortage.

This is a tightly controlled operation. During open hours, the door is heavily guarded by armed men. Weapons are not permitted indoors, and it is requested that all weapons are surrended to these guards; however, there is no honor system, and any who enter are subject to a pat-down. If concealed weapons are discovered, entry is denied. Additionally, only five people are permitted inside of the store at any one time. Inside, there are guards posted at the doors and corners, all heavily armed; the cashier (who is also armed) that handles transactions is escorted on either side by two guards, as well. There is a zero tolerance policy for any trouble.

South Bronx Food Supply Co

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