Southern Roosevelt Island
Owner City of New York Established 2020
Purpose Public Use

Originally the home of the Renwick Smallpox Hospital, recognized as a national landmark in 1972, the land upon which the Renwick stood was purchased from the state of New York by the ReGenesis foundation in 2008. The Renwick was thereafter demolished, and upon the grounds where the historic landmark once stood rose the Suresh Center, a hospital for the furthered study and understanding of the Evolved. Here too was once the home of Summer Meadows, the apartment complex that served as a safe house for the Ferry prior to its discovery in 2010.

Today, it is hard to imagine the past when standing amongst the futuristic buildings or in the lush and cultivated greenways that make up the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. With just a glance, the sleek modern design of the buildings and landscaping makes it easy to guess the work is that of Yamagato Industries, who took on the reconstruction project in July of 2018.

At the heart of this section of Roosevelt Island sits the campus of the Winslow-Crawford Academy for the Gifted, which seems almost a miniature Metropolis nestled just south of the bridge. Beyond that, a long stretch of green space creates a public park ideal for runners and pedestrians with well-lit paths. The entire area serves as a green-energy plant, with solar panels installed on all buildings and throughout the green spaces as well. A wind farm borders the public park at the southernmost tip of the island, with turbines fitted with the latest in noise-reducing blades.

Southern Roosevelt Island


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