Spero Apartments
Owner Unknown Established June 3, 2020
Purpose Residential
Status Space Available to Rent or Own

Black brick and glass dominate the better part of a city block, presenting clean lines and modern design as a lure for the more affluent in the New York City Safe Zone. The apartments available lean toward the large size, although they do offer a selection of trendy studio-style rooms. Each apartment is the same layout, adjusting for size, position, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. They also have the same interior design, matching the black brick and glass of the building itself. The rooftop sports solar paneling that supplies power to the building as well as a charming garden. Benches and natural canopies are arranged for picnics and small parties. Building staff are always on site, manning doors and handling maintenance as needed.

The rent here is, as one might expect, expensive. But amenities and utilities are included.

Spero Apartments

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