Staten Island Trade Commission
Owner Alister Black Established 2015
Purpose Smuggling ring
Status N/A

The Staten Island Trade Commission is the headquarters for a smuggling ring based on Staten Island. It is a six-story brick warehouse with aged, copper-framed windows, situated on Arthur Kill. Floors one through four are utilized for storage, sorting, and holding purposes, while the fifth floor acts as a sparsely-furnished office where the business' bookkeeping, finances, and businesses deals are arranged. The sixth floor is Alister Black's private residence: a loft-style penthouse with an open layout that sometimes leaks in spite of his best efforts to repair the roof.

The property is surrounded by a ten foot tall razor wire fence on one side, and brackish water by the other, allowing boats to unload shipments directly onto the docks after they’ve been cleared for approach by the armed guards via radio.

Staten Island Trade Commission

Additional Info

  • In spite of its name, the Staten Island Trade Commission isn't a government (or legal) entity of any kind.
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