Sunken Factory
Owner Remnant Established 2018
Purpose Base of operations
Status Intact

Accesible via a seemingly-abandoned tunnel nestled somewhere in the Pine Barrens' darkest tangle is an old, forgotten factory that fell out of use long before the Second American Civil War. It has recently been repurposed by the ragtag militia that calls the woodland adjacent to Providence its home, serving as a base of operations, so far off the beaten path that isn't unlikely to be discovered except by an aerial survey.

The property consists of the tunnel and connecting rail yard, the factory itself, and several smaller satellite buildings, including a makeshift armory, Hector Steel's workshop, stable, and a storehouse for the militia's vehicles, including two helicopters and a fleet of at least six trucks.

Of all the buildings, the factory is the most prominent: a large, sleek brick-and-cement structure with large glass windows and a long, narrow skybridge that connects its two disparate halves together at the middle. It's difficult to understand — at least at first glance — why it's colloquially referred to as the Sunken Factory by locals, but setting foot inside the factory's eastern half reveals that the its lower levels have been flooded by the nearby Oswego River, which isolates the property from the surrounding forest on one side and makes it easily defensible against external threats. The property's western half flanks the cliffside into which the entrance tunnel is built.

Inside the factory, glass windows let in an abundance of light, allowing plant life to flourish in the skybridge during the summer months, and for the factory's inhabitants to navigate its strange corridors without assistance during the day. Night is a very different story; solar panels affixed to the factory's roof power an extensive network of artificial lights that give the interior a warm, otherworldly glow by which to see. Hector Steel's ingenuity has restored running water, fed by a filtration system, to the factory's western side where most of the sleeping quarters are located.

It isn't quite civilization, but it's trying to be.

Sunken Factory


Additional Info

  • The compound is home to somewhere between 25-100 individuals on any given day, and is never quite milling with activity. Most are transplants from the Sedro-Woolley Colony in Washington state.
  • It is in the militia's best interest to protect Providence's territory, as well as those who live there. For some, it's a matter of making amends for crimes committed during the war or belief in the greater good; for others, it's a matter of security and eliminating any other competition before it can find a foothold and push them out. Opinions on the subject are divided, and the tension can often be felt in the air.
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