Owner Mazdak Established 2006
Purpose Clandestine Research
Status 24/7
Affiliation Mazdak

Telmun is a mountainside research facility operated exclusively by the Mazdak organization. Telmun began as a Pinehearst research facility in 2004 but was substantially expanded between 2012 and 2018 as Adam Monroe came into control of Praxis Heavy Industries, which took over primary control of the facility. Since then, Telmun has become the true nerve center of all of Mazdak's advanced research. Telmun is nestled within the Zagros Mountains just twenty miles from the border of Iraq and Turkey. Protection of the Telmun facility is one of Mazdak's primary operations and the main reason they have continued military operations against Turkey in order to extend Iraq's international border north.

On its interior, Telmun is a city unto itself and was the baseline that the Praxis Ziggurat in California was based off of. Inside of this massive fortress, Mazdak possesses the means to fabricate war machines and technology on the bleeding edge thanks to their enormous work-force of SLC-Expressive designers and engineers. Telmun also serves as the political heart of Mazdak as an organization and is the fortified home of the network's clandestine leadership. As such, Telmun is one of the most heavily-fortified and well-defended military installations in the world.


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