The Bastion
Owner Wolfhound Established 1892 (Original Construction)
2019 (Wolfhound)
Purpose Wolfhound Headquarters
Status Active
Affiliation Wolfhound

The red brick building known as The Bastion, Wolfhound's headquarters, is a remodeled 19th-Century police precinct located at 486 Liberty Avenue in Phoenix Heights. While formidable on the outside, the old building has been refurbished with 21st Century technology and reinforcements to meet the needs of the private military company. Security cameras observe all exterior doors and access points to the armory, garage, and offices.

The first floor is used for interactions with the public and clients. A spacious lobby provides a seating area decorated in neutral colors of bare concrete and brick with repurposed wood. While there is no reception area, there are two doors that open into the lobby which is designed with comfort of guests in mind. Directly off of the lobby is a lounge and bar for guests and employees of Wolfhound and soundproofed ground-floor conference room. The ground floor also features a galley and dining room, and a small gym equipped with several high-end machines, both cardio and weight. The garage and the second floor are accessible off of this level, as well as basement access.

The Bastion's second-floor offices and another conference room are used by the Wolfhound operatives exclusively, all in the same industrial themes. Here the Captain's office is located in the tower while individual officer offices are located on the wings extending away from the tower.

The third floor is the residential area with private quarters for each officer and an officers-only lounge nicknamed "the Hub." The rooftop garden is accessed through the Hub.

A garage protects both the operatives' private and company vehicles and serves as a maintenance bay capable of holding four vehicles. The garage doubles as a workshop with a variety of maintenance equipment.

Below street-level, the Bastion's basement hides half-size basketball court and shooting range, Wolfhound's armory, and access to an out-of-service subway tunnel reserved for emergency facility evacuation or other clandestine maneuvers.

The Bastion

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