The Bunker
Owner Golden Key Liquidations; For Sale Established 2015
Status Unoccupied

What was once the RG&E Beebee Power Plant was converted in 2015 into the operations headquarters for the private military company Wolfhound. The entire structure was gutted from top to bottom and integrated with state of the art surveillance and security measures. An aircraft hangar was added to the grounds for the company's experimental jet and mechanics facilities were expanded to allow for work on their land and air vehicles. In 2020, Wolfhound put the facility up on the open market and was promptly bought up by a resale company. The facility is currently unoccupied seeking new owners.

The Bunker

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Security cameras observe all of the main building's exterior doors, the armory, the workyard, most of the driveway, and what was once an ad-hoc airstrip at all hours of every day. Motion-sensitive cameras monitor the roof access, tunnel accessways, and all connections between the main building and other structures. There are additional cameras in the common corridors and public areas. The Bunker is not wired with microphones, however much the idea is bandied about at times. It does have an intercom system that allows both building-wide messages and specific communication.

Facilities and Common Areas



The Bunker is based on the real RG&E Power Plant in Rochester NY.

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