The Corral
Owner Established 2018
Purpose Bar/Tavern
Status Daily, irregular hours

The Corral is a ramshackle roadhouse style bar located on the northern outskirts of Providence just off what remains of Magnolia Road, just ten miles off the highway. It is by many estimates the northern waypoint into Providence and one of the only regularly operating bars in the area. It takes about thirty minutes to walk to the Corral from the more heavily populated areas of Providence, though most people measure it by a fifteen minute ride on horseback. The bar rarely utilizes its diesel generator, preferring natural lighting and live music performed by Providence locals for entertainment. Most of the alcohol available on tap is brewed locally in Providence and is of middling quality. A part of the Corral's "charm" is its hard-packed dirty floor, cheap alcohol, and the fine company of its patrons.

The Corral

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Note: If you would like your character to work at the Corral, feel free to add them to the Employees section. The owner of the establishment is so far undetermined, if you're interested in one of your characters being that person reach out to Manhattan!

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