The Crooked Point
Owner Unknown Established 2016
Purpose Cheap liquor, simple food.
Status Dusk til dawn.
Employees Unknown

What used to be a yacht club, and then a recreational building for the United States government, is now the Crooked Point, a fully unlicensed dive bar interested in selling cheap liquor and basic nourishment. It is a one room venue, with a fireplace, mismatched tables and chairs, a bar, and a kitchen. The air if often smokey, either from the partially blocked hearth or lit cigarettes and cigars. Clientele tend to be men and women from the mainland and beyond rather than the Staten Island denizens, but there are some regulars filling out the capacity.

Food is first come first served in limit, usually taking the form of crockpot stews during the colder months and fried fish in the warmer. There is no point in being picky about labels and brands of alcohol, or even whole categories of alcohol in general, because whatever they have on any given day is whatever they managed to get the week before. If the weather permits, then the Crooked Point's service spills out onto open deck that comes right up to the water.

The Crooked Point

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