The Crucible
Owner John Logan Established 2017
Purpose An underground fighting ring.
Status Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights, and full moons.

The Crucible used to be the Great Kills Holding Facility while Eltingville Blocks was still running before the war began, and before wide-spread riots reclaimed that portion of Staten Island. It was both a prison and execution grounds, newly constructed until it was ravaged by both corrupted DoEA robots and time.

Now, the corpse of the facility is known as the Crucible, and hosts illegal fights between SLC-Expressive individuals who either choose to live off the grid, or visit the ruins of Staten Island to blow off a little steam. There is always a cash prize for the victors, unless you accidentally (or on purpose) kill someone, in which case you win nothing, and are black listed. Consistent winners may find themselves invited to take part in the Full Moon events, which take place during the literal full moon every month. These events see the best of the best fighters square off, and attracts a rowdy audience, with high stakes betting. For regular fighters, its a much coveted opportunity.

It's run by several unsavoury individuals, but is primarily overseen by John Logan, who has some experience at this sort of thing.

The Crucible

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On the usual fight nights of Friday through to Sunday, four cage matches are set up in the main circular arena and may be running simultaneously if business is busy. The audience can mingle in between, or sit up in the cells to get a vantage point of all four fights.

On the Full Moon events, the entire arena is dedicated to one fight, and the two (or sometimes more) fighters are given run of the floor. The audience is packed into the cells which overlook the arena, which, despite the delapitated aesthetic, are cleaned out enough for seating. The bars are still in place to give an air of protection to the audience.


  • No murder. Pretty solid rule. If you kill someone in the ring, be it an accident or otherwise, you are blacklisted and illegible for any prize money.
  • The possibility of maiming your opponent is a live and present danger, and the thrill of potentially seeing gruesome defeat is part of what attracts an audience. That being said, fighters are discouraged from winning via immediate, debilitating injury through two measures:
    • if the maiming is severe enough or in any way life threatening, their prize money is cut in half, with the other half going to the loser for medical care (as an on-call SLC-Expressive "healer" pays exorbitant fees for his services). Note that there is definitely a difference between people who get fucked up because they didn't dodge good enough, vs. people who get fucked up from undodgeable stunts. The latter is the one that receives any mercy.
    • frankly, rending people limb from limb is not quite the level of entertainment the Crucible is selling. It's selling a good fight. As such, people who are penalised this way are not invited to the Full Moon events, and may struggle to get placements on regular nights.
  • You can, yourself, make use of the "healer" out of your own pocket. More information on this guy will go up soon.
  • Upon entering a fight, you must declare a stage name (or your first name, but please, don't give your full legal name, jeez), as well as a brief description of your powers. If you enter the arena and demonstrate something other than what you've described, you run the risk of disqualification and possibly some trouble from people who have money riding on your fight.
  • There is no real gatekeeping about what can and can't be allowed, power-wise, so long as you are willing to put up a fight. If you declare your power is 'I kill people with my mind', you may not be permitted entry, vis-à-vis rule one.
  • Yes, non-Expressive people can fight too, but they have to go against an SLC-Expressive person. Good luck.
  • Full Moon participation is by invite only, but for OOC purposes, if you think your character would be invited, I'm happy to assume it along with you!


  • TBD. I'll figure out some ballpark figures soon.


If you have any questions, contact Brooklyn.


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