The Divide
Owner None Centralized Established 2014
Purpose Anarchistic Commune
Status Inhabited Ruin
Affiliation Mazdak, Pure Earth, the Crew, and other miscellaneous underworld organizations

Little stands of what was once the Bronx except for the burned out shells of buildings and devastation that stretches far beyond the boundaries of New York City. Some people choose to live within the ruins, primarily in subterranean residences holed out in partially cut off subway tunnels or other difficult-to-access areas. Many of these individuals are holdout civilian supporters of the Mitchell Administration who have not put down arms. Others are smugglers and opportunistic criminals looking to make money off of the residents of the Safe Zone. Some people still call this desolate stretch of land by its old name, though to those who live below the Bronx’s streets it goes by another name: the Divide.

It is a haven for the lawless and the forgotten, a subterranean city of criminals and outcasts thriving beneath the abandoned streets in networks of tunnels once used by groups like the Ferrymen. It is here where the true counterculture of the Safe Zone has taken seditious root, where some of the most dangerous of criminals have fled the gentrification and policing of Staten Island, where those who refuse to abide by the post-war structure of society seek out their own way of life. Extremists on both sides of the Expressive spectrum inhabit different branches of these tunnels, carving up ideological micro-fiefdoms of exiles, outcasts, and the unwelcome.

The Divide

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