The Lanthorn
Owner Co-owned by Gillian, Lance, Joe, Hailey, Brynn, and Geneva Established 2019
Purpose Residence

The Lanthorn (an old word used for the lantern room of a lighthouse) is a Romanesque-style building constructed in 1899. Obviously it has been renovated many times over the ensuing decades, but apparently everyone who ever bought the building loved the fire pole because it still remains.

The upper level was subdivided into four small apartments at some point, perhaps in the 1980s based on the appliances within. The lower level has a massive set of windows where the old fire truck bay door once stood, the bottom half bricked over to create a wall instead of windows that touched the ground.

The front door of the building opens into a large common area that resembles a lobby, and the back half of the lower level was partitioned off into several more small apartments.

The Lanthorn

Additional Info

The basement of the Lanthorn was set up as a fallout shelter in the 1960s. The reinforced shelter is in the back of the basement, 'camouflaged' by a set of industrial shelves. If you know what you're looking for, it's obvious that it's there — there are many of these in NYC. The LHK have been using it as a pantry for storage of foodstuffs against future shortages, stocking it a little at a time. Brynn and Joe have also been slowly, over time, adding to various caches of food and weapons down in the NYC Underground while making friends down there. They don't see anything strange in this behavior, though … well.

In January 2020, after Squeaks made a return from Praxis with what seemed Very Bad Tidings, Joe, Brynn, and Silvia took it upon themselves to start expanding. In the very back of the shelter in the basement, they took a concrete saw and cut through the back wall, opening a direct passage into NYC's Underground. From the fallout shelter side, another set of industrial shelving fits flush to the slightly recessed drywall and seem to just be part of the wall. A subtle latch can be employed inside the recessed portion to keep the shelves from being opened from the tunnel side. On the tunnel side, a bar can be put through the four U-anchors to brace across the entire opening and keep the shelving from being pulled away from the wall on the shelter side. From this egress point, the tunnel goes both directions under the city and the people who need to use it can scatter fast.

More recently, a section of the former garage has been appropriated by Geneva for use as both impromptu music studio and her own personal living quarters. The high-ceilinged space is littered with guitar equipment, peeling grunge decor, and half-done soundproofing that she swears she will eventually finish.

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