The Nook
Owner Avery Miller and Harvey Miller Established 2049
Purpose Part tech repair, part makerspace, part haphazard movie theater
Status Active most hours

The Nook has seen many different uses over the decades, which result in a sometimes confusing space that clings onto history like a hoarder.

To those in the know, The Nook's current services are clear. During the most common working hours, the two distinct rooms inside are most commonly used as a workshop, open to those needing tech repair, advice or the use of tools - provided those wanting to use them can be trusted.

Every corner of the rooms has its purpose, every wall lined with art supplies and motor oil and parts of prosthetic limbs and multi-tools and ancient CRT televisions and stacks of obsolete recording equipment— all the way up to the ceiling, where even there, chairs an stools of every sort hang suspended from a pulley system.

In the evenings, the main room is cleared out and a projection screen lowered along with any necessary seats. When work for the day is deemed done, the confines of the main room go dark and the sound of vintage movies, series and miscellaneous recordings spills out past The Nook's doorstep, playing to whatever clientele might be present. Sometimes it's paying customers with a request, and sometimes it's a dozen grubby kids from less fortunate climes. Other times still, it's to seemingly no one at all.

The Nook

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