The Reach
Owner Established 1966
Purpose Secret Base of Operations

The Reach is the codename for a secret retreat hidden within the Scandinavian Mountains in Sweden. The site was constructed in 1966 by Richard Cardinal and Simon Broome as a remote think-tank for their innermost working that would eventually culminate in the formation of the Institute. The Reach's location was chosen for its distance from the Company and their areas of highest activity. Over the decades the home had become a haven for Broome and his family.

The Reach sits on a plot of fifteen acres of mountain wilderness and is nestled in a valley containing natural hot springs. The estate itself is a multi level home with a cutting edge security suite designed in an early Futurist style. The home contains six bedrooms and six baths, several recreation spaces, an indoor greenhouse, a small medical research lab and clinic staffed by a handful of live-in medical professionals, a modest armory, and two conference rooms. The Reach is independently powered by geothermal energy and not connected to any networking infrastructure.

The Reach

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