The Tower
Owner Unknown Established Unknown
Purpose An abandoned observation tower in the Staten Island Greenbelt
Status Inhabited (?)

Hidden away in the dense woodland of Staten Island's Greenbelt is an old, derelict observation tower that fell out of use sometime after the first Midtown explosion. At one point, its exterior was painted white, but years of neglect and persistent weather have faded it to a chipped, stony gray. A set of narrow cement steps leads up to a wrought iron door on the ground floor that has since been welded shut, leaving only a rickety staircase attached to the outside of the building as a means of entry — and it does not support very much weight.

Those who come close enough to peer through the tower's elongated windows, made from a dense, impenetrable-looking sort of crystal or heavy glass, might be able to make out a secondary staircase inside the tower that also leads up to the observation room and the floors immediately below it, but there is no sign — at least not from the ground — that anyone is using the building for shelter or for storage.

The Tower

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  • If you would like to break into the observation tower, please contact Ellis.
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