The Watchtower
Owner United States Department of Justice Established February 2019
Purpose NYPD Headquarters
Status 24/7
Affiliation NYPD

The Watchtower is a classic New York landmark, originally the Squibb Pharmaceutical Building it was later purchased by the Jehovas Witness group in the late 1960s and re-dubbed the Watchtower, gaining its now iconic neon red WATCHTOWER sign that still adorns its roof today. Following the collapse of New York City in the early days of the Second American Civil War, the Watchtower Building was left abandoned. In the wake of the war, the US Government reclaimed the building through eminent domain as a part of their Safe Zone Reclamation Project. Today, it serves as the headquarters for the resurgent New York Police Department.

The Watchtower is an eleven-story complex of industrial buildings housing the whole of the NYPD's operations within the Safe Zone. This building functionally replaces 1 Police Plaza which remains within the boundaries of the Manhattan Exclusion Zone. Among the departments of the NYPD present at the Watchtower, it is also home to SCOUT, a combination Major Crimes and SLC-Expressive task force designed to interface with SESA on all law-enforcement operations.

The Watchtower

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