Washington KC
Owner US Federal Government Established Originally as Kansas City, MO: June 1, 1850
Newly named as New Washington, DC: May 1, 2020
Purpose United States Capital
Status Inhabited

Formerly the capital of Missouri, Kansas City has served as the nation's capitol since the end of the Second Civil War in 2014 due to the minor damaged incurred in the three-year conflict in comparison to other cities on the eastern half of the United States. In 2020, Congress agreed to redistrict the area to further cement its role as the rebuilding nation's governmental seat, renaming the area within the capital's bounds as Washington, KC (or Washington, Kansas City).

The state's capitol buildings have been repurposed for the use of the US Government but, just as in Washington DC before it, Washington KC is also its own city with its own city council and mayor. There is some resistance to the new name from longstanding and proud Kansas City residents, and change is slow to rebrand such things as the city's transit system vehicles, schools, and recovering sports teams.

Due to the improvements to the city, many Americans have returned or resettled in KC, with the population about 510,000 as of 2020, meeting the population of Kansas City before the war. As prioritized infrastructure and rebuilding have improved in the past few years, new projects have begun, including memorials to those who fought in the war effort and those who lost their lives in the conflict.

Washington KC


Additional Info

With Washington, D.C. severely damaged during the civil war and no longer functional enough to serve as the US Capital, Kansas City was chosen as the new seat of the US Government.Nearly all of the Power & Light district has been subsumed by government functions. The KC Convention Center, City Hall, Spring Center, H&R Block World HQ, and Municipal Auditorium are all operating at stressed capacity trying to host the post-war government as new buildings are constructed and inhabited structures vacated to house government offices.

Washington, KC is also home to the KCSE (Kansas City Stock Exchange).

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