Owner City of New York Established Refounded; May 6, 2015
Purpose Neighborhood
Status Inhabited

Williamsburg is one of a handful of functional neighborhoods in the Safe Zone and is among the most repaired parts of the city. Despite this honorable distinction, Williamsburg is still suffering from a severely damaged power grid; it was first crippled by the 2009 destruction of the Consolidated Edison Power Plant, then took further damage during the Civil War. Parts of Williamsburg were also affected by the EMP that blacked out Manhattan; much of the neighborhood's western portion needed to be redesigned from the ground up, a process which is still underway. However, what buildings do stand in Williamsburg bear the pride of Old New York: resplendent brownstones and condos, townhouses surrounded by lush parklands flush with nearly a decade of overgrowth. Williamsburg looks like a classic New York Borough with a touch of Southern Gothic in its overgrown parkland and cemeteries. The US military presence in the Safe Zone is based out of Safe Zone Naval Yard, lending this neighborhood a significant military presence and accordingly high security.



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