Winslow Crawford Academy For The Gifted
Owner Peyton Whitney Established 2018; Relocated 2020
Purpose Education
Status 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (K-12)
8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Adult and Research facilities)

A far cry from both its sister school housed in a Toronto mansion and its own humble beginnings in a small building on Brooklyn College's campus, the relocated Winslow-Crawford Academy for the Gifted is truly a school of the future. Several buildings, each its own work of art and efficient design, comprise the campus.

In addition to the classroom buildings, a student center houses a cafeteria, study spaces, computer labs, a library, and a gym, while separate dormitories for students and staff provide living accommodations, all in the sleek, bright, and energy-efficient style associated with Yamagato Industries. Each building runs on the energy provided by thousands of solar panels installed on the roofs.

The classrooms themselves boast the most advanced educational technology available, with each desk fitted with Yamagato's photoreactive-gas 3D screens and professional-grade laboratory equipment. A rooftop garden atop the science building provides a space for agricultural experiments while also growing food that is used by the cafeteria.

Now K-12, the school caters mostly to SLC-E children; however, all students are welcome. On-campus living is available only to students in grades 7-12. While many students board in the dormitories, those who reside in the New York Safe Zone may choose to live off campus and commute to school.

In addition to the K-12 Academy, the campus is also home to adult-learning facilities and a research lab, the latter of which provides mentorship and internships to the high school students.

Winslow Crawford Academy For The Gifted

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