Owner Unknown Established 2019
Purpose Music Venue, Criminal Enterprise
Status 9pm to 3am Fridays and Saturdays
Employees "Adina" (Club Operator; Female SLC-E Czech immigrant.)

Wonderland is an illegal music venue operating below an abandoned warehouse in southwest Sheepshead Bay just outside of Yamagato Park. The club is accessed by an underground tunnel in a derelict subway station two blocks away. Wonderland has a rotating series of passwords required for access that spread by word of mouth, all of which are pulled from the book Through the Looking Glass. The club caters to a European EDM crowd and plays bone-shaking electronica during operating hours. Quieter VIP spaces are available to wealthy and influential clientele who require privacy and discretion. Wonderland is a haven for drug trade and other illegal activities. The d'Sarthe Group's Refrain business spreads like roots through Wonderland and the club is one of the primary vectors for Refrain in the Safe Zone since the collapse of the Ghost Shadows Triad.

Music at Wonderland is handled by volunteer DJs. Security in Wonderland is aggressive. SLC-N security openly wear body armor and carry shotguns loaded with live ammunition. Due to its relatively new inception, the NYPD has yet to identify the true extent of danger Wonderland represents or pin down its location.


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