WRAY Building
Owner Richard Ray Established 2012
Purpose Independent Radio and Fallout Shelter
Status 24/7

The WRAY building is located at N Seth Child Road in Manhattan Kansas. The site of the WRAY building was once home to an automotive garage. Some time in 2009 it was demolished and transformed into the Mobile Radio Communication building, a privately owned radio broadcasting facility listed as being owned by a shell corporation called "David & Goliath Broadcasting Ltd." The building is a windowless, single-floor concrete block structure with a radio antenna built on the roof and an adjoining storage building. Both roofs are laden with solar panels. The storage building contains four generators, fueled by the solar panels, and are connected to the main building via underground conduits. The main building also has a wheelchair accessible ramp.

The WRAY main building houses a radio broadcasting center that plays an eclectic mix of pop music at frequency 1584 on the AM band. The radio equipment is from the 1980s and 1990s and looks to have been bought at private auctions and storage sales.

WRAY Building

Additional Info


During the Second American Civil War, the WRAY station's signal was significantly boosted by publicly unknown allies of Richard Ray and was used to broadcast morale boosting messages, coded communications, and music across the war-torn United States. Many of these broadcasts were performed by Raquelle Cambria, who utilized their SLC-Expressive gift through the radio waves to instill a sense of confidence, calm, and strength to those fighting against tyranny.

WSZR Radio out of New York City acts as a repeater station for WRAY during some of its broadcast day.


Below the WRAY building is a small fallout shelter where Richard Ray and his family stayed safe during much of the civil war.

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