WSZR Building
Owner Martin Pines - Currently in 'Protective Custody' of SESA Established February, 2018
Purpose Radio Station
Status 6:00am to 10:00pm, daily
Employees Jolene Petrelli - Currently On Leave
Lance Gerken - 'DJ Lancelot'
Raquelle Cambria - Volunteer

The WSZR Building is a refurbished mill located on the west end of Elmhurst, bordering Newtown Creek. The structure was a textile factory at the turn of the century, but was refitted into and used as a Cold War-era listening post through the 1960s. Much of the old radio equipment remained behind after the structure was subsequently refitted into a shipping warehouse. Following the war, the building sat in disrepair and was purchased by settler Martin Pines with his resettlement grant. The building remains a four story mill structure, but Pines spent two years refitting the broadcast equipment and — with the help of his sole employee Jolene Petrelli — managed to connect the station to surviving broadcast antennas nearby in Elmhurst. The lower floors of the building are equipped with diesel generators to provide electricity during power outages of the the delicate Safe Zone grid. The upper levels of the mill building are personal living spaces for Pines, though the majority of the open-concept structure is dedicated to the radio station.

WSZR Building

Additional Info

WSZR 1560 AM

WSZR broadcasts on 1510 AM between the hours of 6am and 10pm. The station serves as a repeater for the Kansas-based WRAY 1580 AM "The Ray," which promoted morale-boosting broadcasts during the civil war. WSZR primarily rebroadcasts WRAY radio content but also has one- to two-hour blocks of independent music, talk, and local news throughout the day.

The Lighthouse Broadcast

A recent feature, at six pm every day there is a broadcast of names of people who others are searching for - family members and friends lost contact with during the war. The lights are on in the hopes that they might see it. DJ Lancelot runs this broadcast.

Current Status

The absence of Martin Pines and Jolene Petrelli from the station means that Lance is trying to keep the lights on alone - and with a day job, he can only manage so much. He's brought in Raquelle for occasional help, and is working to get more assistance!

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