Yamagato Building
Owner Yamagato Industries Established March 19, 2015
Purpose Yamagato Industries US Corporate Headquarters
Status Open 7:00am to 5:00pm daily
Employees Yamagato Industries Employees
Affiliation Yamagato Industries

The US headquarters of Yamagato Industries, the Yamagato Building is a six-story structure with futuristic floor plans incorporating indoor gardens and cutting edge climate control systems. It was designed by renowned French architect Adelaide St.Claire and is a green energy structure that derives most of its operating power from integrated solar and wind energy-harvesting systems. The building features an on-site hospital with round-the-clock medical staff for residents of Yamagato Park and employees of Yamagato Industries. The facility also houses several sub-basement levels, which include a clean-energy power plant utilizing proprietary Yamagato Industries technology not made publicly available. The Yamagato Building has a near-zero carbon footprint and is intended to be a blueprint for what the future of New York City could look like in the decades to come.

Yamagato Building

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Access to the Yamagato Building is prohibited to all except Yamagato Industries employees and invited guests.

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