Yamagato Fellowship Center
Owner Yamagato Industries Established May 18, 2016
Purpose Museum of Art and History / Public Functions
Status 8am to 5pm daily (Yamagato Employees)
8am to 8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays (Public)
Employees Kensuke Aida - Director of Operations, Yamagato Fellowship
Elaine Darrow - Head Curator
Affiliation Yamagato Industries

The Yamagato Fellowship Center is an art and history museum adjacent to the Yamagato Building that houses priceless pieces of artwork and cultural history from all around the world. Its primary focus is on Japanese history, covering from as far back as the Jomon Era up through contemporary Japanese history and art. The museum also features a living memorial to the Second American Civil War and the battle for SLC-Expressive Rights, and occasionally holds charity functions open to the public.

Yamagato Fellowship Center

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Outside of specific public functions, access to the Yamagato Fellowship Center is prohibited to all except Yamagato Industries employees and invited guests.

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