Yamagato Park
Owner Yamagato Industries Established March 3, 2015
Purpose Corporate Complex and Civic Resource
Status Inhabited; Population 8,570 (independent of Safe Zone Population)

Yamagato Park is a corporate compound and adjoining neighborhood owned entirely by Yamagato Industries. It comprises several city blocks, extending from Bensonhurst Park in the northwest to as far southeast as where Cropsey Ave crosses Coney Island Creek, and as far northeast as 86th Street. All buildings within this boundary are the property of Yamagato Industries and are treated as private corporate sovereign territory rather than part of the United States of America, falling under similar jurisdictions as international embassies. Yamagato Park's power plant is the source of all electricity in the Safe Zone, and the park is policed by Yamagato Industries Security Personnel. Yamagato Park is bordered by a fifteen-foot-high perimeter fence denoting its borders, but the public are allowed to come and go freely at the open checkpoints unless otherwise indicated.

Yamagato Park


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Yamagato Park is open to the public, but residences are strictly the purview of Yamagato Industries employees and their families. The majority of this neighborhood consists of industrial compounds, scrapyards, construction sites, and newly constructed public works facilities designed to assist in the rebuilding of New York City. Access to and from Yamagato Park is not restricted, though checkpoints do exist to prevent access should Yamagato Industries decide to close down its borders. All entrances are clearly marked with signage indicating that entering Yamagato Park is leaving US Territory.


The US Government has given Yamagato Industries authorization to treat the territory as part of the nation of Japan under similar operating clauses as international embassies. As such, State and Federal laws do not apply within the boundaries of Yamagato Park. In turn, Japan has granted Yamagato Industries great latitude to run the park as they see fit. Just as State and Federal agents have no authority within the park's boundaries, neither do Yamagato Security employees have any authority outside the bounds of the park territory.


Yamagato Park is populated almost entirely by Japanese nationals employed by Yamagato Industries, along with their families. As such, the demographic makeup of the neighborhood is 98% Japanese. Businesses and public services within the park are either subsidiary companies of Yamagato Industries or private businesses permitted to operate on Yamagato Park territory through special arrangement with the corporate council.

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