Yamagato Showroom
Owner Yamagato Industries Established April 21, 2020
Purpose Yamagato Industries Vehicle and Technology Showroom
Status Open 9am-9pm
Affiliation Yamagato Industries

Glass walls face the bustling streets of Red Hook, inviting the passers-by in to be awed by the technological prowess of Yamagato Industries. Flanking the door are a pedestals featuring the company's newest and most expensive cars available for public consumption. The Predator and the Altum along with the extravagant Yamagato Magnis are placed at the forefront, but all the available models of car and SUV are plainly visible through the glass. A long black carpet leads from the door, winding off at each offering for a closer look, leading back to where the Ventus sits in the center of the space. Low-to-mid end vehicles are toward the back of the showroom including the Yamagato Civis and its sport model the Civis-R. A museum-like display area rests at the rear of the showroom for Yamagato's other tech on offer. Phones and accessories take up much of the space, but there is also a pair of Tetsujin robots standing at the back of the showroom, not for sale but has a reminder of how inventive Yamagato is and how much their innovation has done for the Safe Zone.

Yamagato Showroom

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