Zuni Pueblo
Owner Zuni Tribal Council Established Reconstructed, 2014
Purpose Town
Status Inhabited

Zuni Pueblo is the post-war reconstruction of the town of Zuni settled at the heart of the Zuni Tribal Reservation in New Mexico. The town rests in the Zuni River valley and is located primarily in McKinley and Cibola counties in western New Mexico, about 150 miles west of Albuquerque, located on the outer perimeter of the PSW Dead Zone. Zuno Pueblo boasts a population of 9,270 as of their last internal census, made up of roughly 8,150 indigenous First People of America and the remainder being non-native settlers allowed to remain within Zuni territory, primarily survivors of the Second American Civil War and the lion's share of those numbers being SLC-Expressives or related family members seeking asylum.

Though small, the town of Zuni Pueblo is entirely self-sufficient. The town has grown exponentially since its re-founding in 2014 following the conclusion of the Civil War. Initially the town was a ramshackle collection of survivors, motor homes, tents, and the remaining standing buildings following a 2013 standoff with anti-expressive militants from Utah. Since that time, the Zuni Council has orchestrated a revitalization of their people's land, leveraging the abundance of SLC-Expressives seeking shelter among their populace and of their own to cooperate in the reconstruction efforts. Zuni Pueblo is build on nearly 90% SLC-Expressive labor using materials purchased from major corporations such as Yamagato Industries and Praxis Heavy Industries through proxies and canny business dealings. As a part of the larger Independent Coalition of Native Tribes, Zuni remains a center of security and learning within the otherwise abandoned stretches of the American Southwest.

Outwardly, Zuni is not unlike pre-war American cities, with businesses, schools, government buildings, and the trappings of everyday life. However, the businesses within Zuni are all locally owned and operated, schools are taught and attended only by local residents, and the town itself avoids most contact with the outside world by maintaining a regimented network of SLC-Expressives capable of clouding the minds of travelers venturing too close to the town limits. The strict restrictions against travel and interaction with the outside world have eased off in recent years, though the people of Zuni are still wary of outsiders and more often than not prefer they not even realize the settlement is there.

Most of the buildings in Zuni are older constructions pre-dating the war, though the new city center includes freshly constructed government offices and schools. Additionally, fields of solar antenna (purchased from Praxis Heavy Industries) stretches out across the northern badlands past the miles of farmland on the town's outskirts.

Zuni Pueblo


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