Logan And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day


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Scene Title Logan And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
Synopsis Logan is politely informed of debts that he owes to the Flying Dragons.
Date October 5, 2009

A Warehouse in Red Hook

Against the broken down docks in Red Hook sits a warehouse, it is much like the rest of the warehouses in the area, there's probably rats and broken furniture and if it hadn't been cleared out, there probably would have been smelly homeless people. But right now, there's a british man with a bag over his head and tied to a chair who has been given only the bare minimum to stay alive. He's spent most of that time full of morphine, but the dosage has been lessened as he'll have an appointment soon, he'll likely be walking the fence between sober and completely groggy. A couple unnamed goons (We'll call them Benjamin and Tommy) play cards as they wait. Adam waits outside with Ash under an overhang which gives them cover as they await whoever it is the Triads are sending. Adam comments to Ash, "Truthfully, I find torture a tad unpalatable unless the person deserves it. I don't know the man, but many people have assured me he does. What do you think?"

Ash turns his head to look over at Adam. Ash is wearing his black combat suit again, just to be safe. He doesn't feel like being recognized, but then again, he can't regenerate from being shot and such. He sighs softly at the question. "I feel about the same. Torture is.. pointless unless someone really deserves it. But he was ready for violence. The moment he saw me he was diving through the car, pulling knives and such. He was ready for violence, so I'm guessing he's not the most… clean of individuals." But then again, nor is Ash. He crosses his arms, the large black clad man leaning back against the wall of the warehouse.

A black cadillac slowly rolls down the paved road beside the docks, coming to a halt within view of the pair waiting outside the warehouse's door. Save for the driver's side door, the doors of the vehicle swing open, and the tattoo-painted soldiers of the Triad emerge one by one, bare-armed despite the autumnal hint of chill in the air, eyes hard and guns tucked into their pants. Mostly in dark colours, glancing over the area to check for signs of an ambush before the representative of the Flying Dragons emerges.

Jin Yeoh is a short, slight, pretty young man, dressed in a pristine white suit, hair draped in a shadow across one eye. He's smiling, but it's not a pleasant sort of smile, as he heads towards the two men leaning against the warehouse, trailing his entourage.

"Mister Monroe," he greets, nodding to one, then the other, "Sir. Good day."
Adam tilts his head as he watches the cadillac pull up with its painted men and he hmms to himself. He glances towards Ash and then back towards the men, "Good day." he says. "I hope you're doing well.." and after that, he turns towards the door of the warehouse, "Well, that's enough for pleasantries." and walks inside ahead of the other men so that his own men don't over react. He motions them out, to control the presence best he can. He motions Jin towards Logan, but says nothing else. Once inside, he appears to be keeping himself behind the man in the chair.

It's been a while since Logan's dabbled in opiates, whether willingly or not. Truth be told, he's not a heavy drug user. If you had his power, you'd understand. And so his time in the chair has not been pleasant, head bowed and soft, protesting groans each time a renewed injection comes poking into his throat, concentration split apart with each hit.

Fuck this. Fuck this. He's not paid enough for this.

He's still wearing what he had on the previous night, his black three-piece suit, equally dark shirt with its threads of silver, the silken white tie still clipped in place despite his collar opened to ruin. Been silent for the last while, even as the drugs start to clear enough that the fog in his mind is one he can see through.

Ash turns his covered head over towards the cadilac as it pulls up. The enforcer stands away from the wall now, his body loose, ready to take action if need be. He turns his head to look to Adam a moment, a nod of his head to him before he's back to watching the Triad men. He slips into the warehouse with Adam, smooth graceful movements. His eyes fall on Logan when he gets inside and he hmmms softly, but then steps out of the way of the door, letting the asians into the place, but keeping an eye on all of them.

"I do believe the day is looking up," Jin replies with a bright smile, walking in through the door once Adam strolls inside; flanked by two of his own men, the other one remaining outside as well, presumably to keep an eye on things. The prettyboy of the Flying Dragons approaches the man in the chair, smile widening all the more as he approaches slowly, pausing before his seat. He brings his hands up, adjusting his cufflinks, "Mister Logan. Good morning."

Adam slips along the back of the warehouse wall until he reaches a suitable sitting place. He doesn't speak and apparently isn't looking to get into Logan's eyeline in case that bag comes off. For the moment, he'll watch in academic interest, but he seems neither terribly interested in things. Unless, of course, Logan says something interesting.

Adjusting of cufflinks goes unseen, due to the cloth of the bag covering Logan's eyes, hindering breath and muffling any complaints he's had over the past hour. His name, however, goes heard, even if the voice itself is not recognised. It's enough to make the lanky, finely dressed Brit start up against his restraints in a disoriented jerk, fingers curling into white-knuckled fists enough for nails to bite into his palms.

Replying would be polite. Logan doesn't, not yet, simply tense and waiting. It's not a good morning for him anyway and to agree would be lying, you know.

Ash doesn't care about being seen by Logan again, his face is covered. So, he stands within easy view of the tied up man, his arms crossed over his chest as he stands there, waiting to see what is going to go on.

A slow lean forward brings Jin's hands, soft palms and carefully manicured nails, atop Logan's own; his head tilting in close to the side of the man's sackcloth-covered features to murmur in soft tones, "My apologies, Mister Logan, we were not… appropriate introduced, when last we met upon the boat. My name is Jin Yeoh and I answer directly to Master Ye."

Logan's hands are cold beneath Jin's hands, built of ice and bone for all the flesh pulled taut with tension. There's a doggish sway of his head when Logan initially leans away from the voice whispering close to his ear, and finally, his voice joins in - throaty and thick, slurred, but lucid beneath the barrier of cloth. "Don't mention it. Why don't you tell me what you want so I c'n tell you how I'm not giving it to you?" The drug makes him sound more at ease than he is - his posture, his hands, tell a different story.

Ash grunts in amusement to Logan's statement, but his head shakes slowly at the man's defiance. He respects him for that, but also well… thinks he's a bit foolish. He looks over to Adam a few moments, his eyes resting on him before he turns his head back to look over at the bound man.

A polite little chuckle falls from Jin's lips, his hand sliding over the chill skin of Logan's right hand to rest at the wrist and over its back— pressing down lightly but firmly to hold it in place. "Ah, you assume that I want something," he replies as if John had perhaps chosen the wrong fork at dinner, and it was something to make a gentle jest about, "An easy mistake to make."

The other hand reaches over, fingers curling about the man's smallest finger. Then he pulls it backwards smoothly and firmly against the strain of tendon and bone, putting enough force into it to snap bone.

Ash jerks a bit when he hears the snap of bone. His eyes glance to Adam then before flickering back to the Triad men. Ash's face behind his mask has gone hard. he's a vicious and cold individual, but he's not evil. This serves no purpose that he can see, and it makes him uneasy. He reaches behind him, his fingers toying with the hilt of his khukri before dropping back to his side, the large man shifting from foot to foot.

Ffuuu— Logan knows, approximately, exactly what is going to happen as soon as Jin wraps his fingers around that one. Whether he's seen it, felt it, or done it before, experience has his arm going taut and resistant to both restraints and the settling of the other man's hand. It takes a wealth of courage to say nothing in the one and a half seconds he has to speak. A sharp breath at the dull pressure, and then—

— the small, wet snap has him howling. His body rocks away and into the chair, which shudders near precariously as his voice tears from his throat, peters off into a whine. "Fucking— cunt— " is hissed out, muffled, pain reading in his posture if not his expression, still hidden, though one can imagine.

In other news - thank goodness for morphine.

"Your employer, Mister Linderman," Jin explains calmly and easily, like discussing a newspaper over breakfast despite the man's howling voice behind the sack's fabric that flutters against his face as he draws in breath and exhales it again, "Recently sent an assassin into Master Ye's home. This man— " The next finger, the ring, is taken gently in his fingers, pulled back, twisted just so until it, too, snaps like a dry twig, the edge of the bone splitting flesh as a rivulet of red trickles down Logan's hand, "— killed Master Ye's beloved sister. No sooner was her wake ended that you, Mister Logan…"

The tip of Jin's finger softly strokes down the middle finger, a feather-light touch, his other hand holding the appendage still, "…stepped in on Mister Linderman's behalf. You killed several of my men, stole a yacht from us, and stole a large quantity of— how did you friend put it— 'blue fairy'."

There's a trapped animal quality in the way Logan's arm twists useless against his restraints, trying to get away away away even if he knows intellectually that struggling is futile. His hand twitches, pain shooting up and down as Jin touches that middle finger, Logan's head rocking back as if he could stare at the ceiling his clothed face is angled too, pale neck bared and shifting with tight throat swallows.

"— drew first blood," is gasped out, as if the first words were lost elsewhere, choked upon. They rattle out savage. "He and his bitch of a sister. Burned it down, tried to— kill me. Fuck you, I'll kill you too."

Ash turns his head, looking at Adam as the torture continues to go on. He eyes Adam, even lifting his hand to lift the goggles from his eyes, so Adam can see the very unhappy look he's being given. He puts his goggles back down though, and pulls the hood up over his head before turning his eyes to look back over at the pair of men, his anger at what's going on is kept down for now, though his fingers do curl repeatedly.

"Perhaps you should have been kind enough to die, then, Mister Logan." The back of Logan's hand is stroked ever so gently by Jin's own fingers, one brushing over the tip of bone protruding through skin and gently moving it in circles, every shift tugging against torn flesh and nerve. "I'm given to understand that it would have made many people… very happy."

Jin leans back from the bound man, then, reaching down to his belt to draw a razor from it, snapping it open with a soft click. "As I said, I don't want anything from you, Mister Logan, except to hear you scream. Master Ye, in his bountiful and generous mercies, is a more complicated man than I, and he has said that you are to be let go if you give us back our property."

A scream is wrangled back, only hisses through Logan's teeth as an nnng, uninjured hand clasped into a tight ball of knotted knuckles and mottled fingers, the other a quivering mess. Perhaps he'd cry for help if he knew others were within the room, but as far as he is concerned, there's only Jin. "Master Ye can fuck himself. I've sold it, haven't I?" The savagery is gone from his words, more a serpent's hiss, raw from pain, tense from the urge to break. "The fuck else was I going to do with it?"

Ash growls low in his throat, the man is not happy. He walks back towards Adam, his eyes lifting to regard the man. "Only reason that sick fuck is walking out of here alive is because he's your business partner Adam." Letting his boss know that he is VERY unhappy right now. He has his hand up and he's fingering the hilt of one of his khukri's again. Killing is one thing, killing he can deal with. It happens, even to innocents but making someone suffer like this is… wrong.

"Then it appears that you owe a debt to the Flying Dragons. Let us see, the price of the Refrain, of the yacht… I believe we can chalk up the personnel as the cost of doing business…" The flat of the razor is brought up in Jin's hand, cold metal brushed along the tight, tense tendons of Logan's throat before it draws away once more, and he muses, "…how do you suggest that you pay it, Mister Logan? We are nothing if not… willing to negotiate."

A smirk curls to the chinese man's lips, then, and they move— but the voice that emerges from them is Wendy's, not Jin's, touched with fear and perhaps pain, "N-no, don't— " He cuts himself off with his normal voice, sharply, "Silence."

The touch of a threat of death at his throat seems to reach a conclusion in Logan that broken fingers do not. He's still and quiet, head twisted as if that would help remotely of Jin chose to sink the blade in deeper. Pain has him breathing coarse, in and out, but he's quiet as Jin speaks, and quieter still when Wendy's voice breaks through.

It elicits a hesitation, and then a rough chuckle of some sort of understanding. "Fucking junkies," is muttered bitter into cloth gone slight damp from the moisture of his own breathing. "'ere, why don't you put it on my tab." His hand, his hand.

Then, something gives, his voice miserable and coming at a tremor— "Let me go. Let me go and I'll tell you where there's a cut of it stashed. Touch me again and you'll get nothing but blood, and you can work the profit from that, you wanker."

Ash has had enough of this, and it tears at him whether to intervene or not. He's not a psychopath, he's just a murderer. He moves over, standing near Jin now, the man's large form looming over the pair. His voice is hard as he speaks. "That's enough. Either kill him or be done with it. This pain serves no purpose but your own sick pleasures." His voice ice cold, and there's no doubt he'll do his best to make him stop if he doesn't do so.

"I'm afraid that we need more than just a… cut… Mister Log— " Then they're interrupted, and Jin grows still for a moment before raising his head, one brow arching in the direction of Ash. A silent regard lingers there for three heartbeats, and then he turns his attention to Adam, inquiring mildly of the silent immortal, "Is there a problem here?"

Adam appears to have just been watching, even Ash's actions. Perhaps he was indecisive because he wasn't sure he wanted to watch this either, perhaps he was indecisive because he had gone off somewhere else, or perhaps he was indecisive because he fell asleep. Whatever the reason, he stands after a moment and purses his lips a moment and shakes his head before he motions to Ash to follow him to another part of the warehouse. Apparently he wants to discuss this privately.

At the sound of conflict, the smartest thing for Logan to do here? Is to do exactly nothing. Although without the distraction of growling and one-liners, he's left with only pain. An almost doggish whine escapes his throat, a shuddery breath that indicates exactly everything you need to know about the way he's started to tremble and breathe harsh, in and out.

Ash looks down at the asian man that's been torturing Logan. His goggle covered eyes give nothing away as to his emotions or just how serious he is right now. He pulls in a slow breath, his chest pushing out slowly. He is turned away from Adam, not looking at the man, so he doesn't see the man's motion for him to follow, his eyes are focused utterly upon the Triad member. His hands are at his sides, ready to move to his back if he needs to. His body is tense but utterly still, ready to spring into action. "Logan. How about you give the sick fuck what he wants so I don't have to listen to you scream anymore. It's pathetic."

"This is most unprofessional." A quiet, calm comment from Jin as he regards the pair, his thin and dark eyes mostly upon Adam, before turning his attention back to the… customer at hand. The flat of his razor drops to tap against the broken bone protruding from the club owner's finger with a sharp rap, "…although the gentleman is quite correct, Mister Logan. A 'cut' is not sufficient. Have you any other ideas for how you can repay the Flying Dragons what you owe us?"

Adam frowns for a moment. He steps towards the trio, such as it is and pauses. He's not entirely clear on whether Logan is going to die or not, so it does no good to give him a voice to recognize. It's the Triads that are supposed to be behind this, not him. And so he speaks with a thick accent, it's Japanese, but who's to say Logan will know the difference, "He is a warrior." he tells Jin, of Ash, "He does not like to see what is wasteful." but then he turns to Ash, "Come with me, I need to talk to you."

A higher pitched groan comes from the Brit - the one bound to the chair, not the other one - at the click of the razor against protruding bone, head bowed. There's a hissed curse, either for Ash's words, for Jin's, it's hard to say. Eventually, Logan says, "'ve got half the shipment." Breathe. "H-half the shipment stashed safe. And money. I can pay you money."

Ash reaches up to his goggles and he slips them up his forhead, his eyes focus on Jin, a promise within them, a deep promise if Ash hears Logan screaming again. Alot is conveyed with that simple looke before he lowers the goggles again and turns his head to look over at Adam, the man's head nodding, slowly. He glances once more back to Logan as the man begins to babble. "If you value your life this is the point where you promise to get thier boat back and cover them for the full cost of whatever you stole.." he shakes his head and the masked and hidden man moves towards the door smoothly, his motions easy and conserved. He slips out of the warehouse without looking back behind him.

"A warrior should know that his lord knows best," Jin comments absently, before the words of the man bound until the chair bring a faint smile to his lips. "Excellent. I knew that you were a reasonable businessman, Mister Logan. We can consider the blood spilt thus far part of the… cost of doing business."

The razor is carefully folded back into its casing, and he hesitates a moment, considering Logan's hooded form before leaning in close once more. "And if you consider betraying this agreement, Mister Logan… you have heard me raise my voice once. Just once. If I kept it up, every vessel in your brain would have broken, until you died. If you cross me, I will find you. And I will raise my voice. And I will stop before you die, so that you can spend the rest of your life with your brain… broken. A drooling wreck that needs to be wiped when he shits himself. Do we have an understanding?"

Adam watches Jin and Logan for a few moments. There is a thoughtful pause before he walks along Ash's route, as it appears, this is over and there's no need for Adam and Ash to stay anyhow. Eventually he, himself, steps out of the warehouse and closes the door behind him. He takes a moment to take an almost fresh breath and says, "We really shouldn't have stayed. I wondered if he'd say anything useful to us, but he didn't." he frowns, a bit. He glances at Ash and then towards the cadillac outside, "They are a harsh people. But we knew this would happen. If it makes you feel any better, I've heard this Logan gentleman ran an underage brothel and kidnapped a woman for her healing ability and cut her up pretty bad. So it's not quite like he's an innocent victim."

Ash turns his head to look over at Adam, his head tilting slowly. "No, we shouldn't have stayed. But I am glad we did. I know now that I will never do any business with those men. I know that if I ever meet that man on the street and I have the oppurtunity to kill him, I will probably take it." Him being Jin. His head shakes angrily. "I don't give a shit about thier culture. Harsh or not that is a sick fucking individual. I'm a murderer and I'm calling him sick. How fucked up is that?" He looks around himself, then back towards Adam. "And no, it doesn't help. He deserves to be put down like the dog he is, but even a dog doesn't deserve what happened in there."

Beneath the cloth bag, Logan's jaw has set itself into angles that could potentially cut ice. His ruined hand is slack in comparison to his other, which is still that white edged fist of defiance that, no doubt, he be glad to bury into Jin's unseen face if he could. He twitches away the words, a snort of air through his nose, as he struggles to gain enough composure to speak.

"You'll hope I don't get the chance to see it." The threat is worn, weary, and he can't shake the pain from his voice. Sensing this is over, he adds; "You've got my understanding."

"Just get the shipment ready, Mister Logan," Jin replies, turning his back on the bound man and striding towards the warehouse's doors, heels clicking on the floor, "Someone will be in touch with you soon to arrange pickup. I trust that you will deal fairly with this man."

The door is opened by one of his two bodyguards, and he steps out, soon followed by those men. Once it's closed, he offers a faint smile to Adam, "You may feel free to drop him off wherever you wish. Master Ye will be in touch with you soon, no doubt, concerning the matter of your request of him."

Adam glances towards Jin as he leaves and just nods. He moves a moment and steps between Ash and Jin and moves to motion Ash back into the warehouse now that the rest of the men are gone, "Well, have a good day." he turns to Ash as he opens the door, "Come on, we have to finish this."

Ash turns around as the door opens, his eyes falling on the man that emerges from within. His goggle covered eyes focus on him, just watching, observing. Nothing of his face can be seen, though the hard set of his jaw might convey through the shape of the mask around his face. He turns his head to look at Adam, then looks back towards Jin again. Then the well armed man moves forwards, looking for all the world like some gigantic modern ninja as he moves to the warehouse, his feet clad in specially made tabi, his whole outfit custom made. When you live outside of the law, things aren't so hard to get a hold of as one might think. He slips into the warehouse after Adam though, a hand on a khukri handle.

As the pair head back inside, Jin and his entourage clamber into their cadillac once more; the driver pulling slowly away past empty-eyed warehouses.

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