Logs for January 2012 - January 2018

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112 logs posted for January 2012 - January 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/08 Early Morning Lucky Tasha and Vincent
01/09 Mid-Morning I Love You Colette and Tasha
Mid-Morning My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada Colette and Vincent
01/11 Morning The Truth Barbara, Claudia, and Niki
01/15 Afternoon Back Into the Lion's Den Huruma, Megan, and Ryans
01/28 Evening Orpheus II Hana
02/12 Afternoon Saints Teo and ???
02/24 Morning And Baby Makes Three Colette and Nicole
03/29 Afternoon Violent Separation Tibby and Caspian
04/08 Afternoon Hubris Odessa and Valentin
05/15 Early Afternoon Alice Meets The Blue Caterpillar Eve and Robyn
05/25 Early Evening Killing Time Ace and Odessa
06/06 Afternoon Dissolved Girl Kara Garden of Forking Paths
06/20 Mid-Afternoon Supplies Don't Run Themselves Devon, Jaiden, and Jared
07/01 Dusk Blood on the Tarmac Eve, Lynette, and The Olympians
07/02 Wee Hours I'm Sorry, Miss Jackson Odessa and Sahara
07/17 Afternoon Breakout Colette, Hana, and Scott
08/13 Midday A Glimpse of the Familiar Cooper
08/24 Late Afternoon Values Alister, Colette, and Hana
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
02/14 Late Night Happy VD Edgar and Lucille
02/27 Early Afternoon Tu Seras Aimé Remi
03/10 Early Morning Til Someone Loses An Eye Eve and Luther
04/05 Early Morning No Eggs, Please Graeme and Remi
04/17 Late Afternoon A Familiar Face Graeme and Robyn
05/23 Afternoon M*A*S*H Chess, Luther, and Monica
05/27 Late Afternoon How the Hell Do I Do This? Graeme and Jared
05/30 Night Rain, Rain Rain Robyn and Ygraine
06/04 Night Needs Must Lynette, Nicole, and The Olympians
07/07 Early Afternoon Otter Eyes Eve and Mateo
07/15 Late Afternoon Two Redheads in a Warzone Lucille and Megan
07/22 Late Afternoon Pupil Adel and Colette
08/19 Night Give Blood, Get Mud Luther and Lynette
09/15 Early Morning The Eternal Forest Eve
9/20 Night Spies on the Inside Delia and Nick
10/30 Late Evening No Toes Were Sacrificed Huruma and Megan
11/30 Late Night Constant Vigilance Chess and Eve
12/14 Night The Truck Job Ace, Chess, Eve, Jetta, Luther, and Miles
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/04 After Midnight Grasshopper Delia and Hokuto
01/27 Evening Pyrrhic Victories Chess and Luther
02/26 Evening Donor August and ???
10/02 Afternoon A Cup of Coffee Peyton and Russo
10/24 Afternoon Slow is Good Peyton and Russo
10/28 Evening Teddy Hugs Edgar, Lydia, and Jennie
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
04/04 Mid-morning Pure Imagination Marlowe and Otomo Fires of Creation
04/22 Afternoon From the Right Angle Colette and Richard
Afternoon Pay's Good Claire and Richard
05/17 Evening Lies the Snake "Mr. Idaho" and Marcus ??? Storyline
10/27 Mid-Day Justice Griffin and Rue
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/28 Evening Main Mission Kay and Monica Fires of Creation
02/26 Pre-Dawn Just A Whisper Avi and Sibyl
03/15 Early Morning On Your Left Cesar and Monica
06/01 Noon Worth the Headache Cash and Lance
10/08 Noon Unearthed Adam
10/31 Night Remembering Devon
11/02 Early Afternoon Carnival of Rust Lynette, Mateo, and Silvia
11/08 Late Evening Electric Pull Lynette and Mateo
11/10 Afternoon Point A Finds Point B Lynette and Mateo
11/11 Early Morning A Metaphorical Labyrinth Lynette and Mateo
11/26 Late Evening Unstable Lynette and Mateo
12/04 Early Evening You and Me Lynette and Mateo Garden of Forking Paths
12/08 Early Afternoon Tunnel Vision Lynette and Mateo
Late Afternoon Jelly Bean Lynette and Mateo
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/30 Afternoon Other Otters Eve, Lynette, and Mateo Garden of Forking Paths
02/05 Late Morning Safety in Fiction Savannah and Zachery
03/07 Night I Love You, Too Lynette and Mateo
03/15 Evening Ides of March Cesar and Monica
06/17 Dawn Operation High Road, Part I Colin, Dearing, Hana, LeMay, and Rue Hunters
Dawn Operation High Road, Part II Adel, Berlin, Colette, Huruma, and Noa Hunters
Dawn Operation High Road, Part III Claire, Curtis, Devon, Francois, and Lucille Hunters
06/19 Night One of the Pack Adel, Avi, Berlin, Claire, Colette, Curtis, Dearing, Devon, Francois, Hana, Huruma, Logan, Lucille, Noa, Rue, and Scott Hunters
06/20 Late Morning How We Do Avi and Rue
06/28 Morning What If... Lynette and Mateo
07/03 Afternoon Flesh and Steel ??? Hunters
07/04 Night Sentinel Lowell Hunters
07/06 Evening Nachala Colette, Hana, and Noa
07/09 Dusk Petrichor Sibyl and… Hunters
Night Caged Erling and Tavisha Hunters
Late Night Not a Bird Gillian, Sibyl, and Tavisha Hunters
07/10 Morning Pancake Breakfast Colette, Gillian, Sibyl, and Tavisha Hunters
Evening Mind Thrown/Like Confetti Colette, Erling, Gillian, Limerick, Sibyl, and Tavisha Hunters
08/21 Late Morning Eclipse Adam and Garza The Dragon
10/10 Afternoon That Would Be Enough Lynette and Mateo
10/27 Morning The Man Who Kills Me Des and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
11/08 Pre-Dawn Fly Blind Avi and Colette Hunters
Pre-Dawn If There Is An After Avi, Colette, and Hana Hunters
Morning The Grand Scale Benji and Nick
Late Night Two Proposals (Sort Of) Peyton and Russo
11/09 Morning Damage Control Hana and Vincent Hunters
11/10 Night Never An If, Always A When Colette and Vincent Hunters
11/11 Late Afternoon Your Conversation Tamara and Vincent
11/11 Evening More Than the United States Tasha and Vincent
11/27 Afternoon Variation Richard and Robyn
12/20 Afternoon A Brighter Future Alia, Barney, Jared, Kaylee, Luther, Remi, Richard, and Valerie
12/23 Afternoon The Death of Birds is Conducted Without Weeping Gabriel
12/24 Evening Never Have I Ever Mateo and Nicole
12/24 Late Night Good Night Eileen and Odette
12/30 Afternoon Timing is Everything Elaine and Robyn
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/16 Afternoon Ground Rules Adel, Berlin, Curtis, Devon, Hana, Noa, and Rue Hunters
Afternoon Impeccable Hana and Rue Hunters
Late Afternoon People Fuck Things Up Avi and Rue Hunters
01/17 Morning Something Other Than Yes Gillian and Rue Hunters
Morning Your Cue Rue and Sylvester Hunters
Evening Mineshaft I Avi and Rue Hunters
Evening Further Consequences Avi and Hana Hunters
01/19 Late Afternoon Confidential Assignment Colette
01/20 Early Afternoon Different Stories Gillian and Hana
01/22 Late Morning Observe. Report. Coordinate. Hana and Robyn Hunters
01/25 Late Morning Diametric Opposition Eileen and Finn
01/30 Evening One Day at a Time Lynette and Russo
From To Title Participants Storyline
2012 2017 Pas de Deux Colette and Tamara
2012 2013 The White Silence Odessa and Valentin
2014 2017 Swords and Plowshares Samantha and Ted
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