Eve Logs (Aftermath)
Volume I: The Way Back
January 2012 - January 2018
05/15/12 Alice Meets The Blue Caterpillar An exchange of gifts is customary. Some gifts are swift in the night, some gifts go boom. Eve and Robyn
07/01/12 Blood On The Tarmac Eve plays unexpected backup to Zeus and The Olympians as they do their part to retake LAX. Eve and Lynette
07/07/13 Otter Eyes A strange dream leads Eve to a beach in Mexico, where she meets someone new. Eve and Mateo
09/15/13 The Eternal Forest The whispers grow louder and lead Eve to The Hub for the first time. Eve
11/30/13 Constant Vigilance Freedom Fighter Chess' life is saved by Eve's strange visions. Chess and Eve
01/30/17 Other Otters When Eve shows up at the Benchmark, she discovers that there's some signficant otterness happening. Eve, Lynette and Mateo
February 2018
02/20/18 Fortunes Told The first one's always free. Eve and Sibyl
02/21/18 Fair is Foul A witchy witch and a hopper meet. Eimi and Eve
02/22/18 Emergency Brass Injection Aunt Eve comes to cheer her Doolittle up, things don't go as smoothly as she likes. There is an unshowered man. Eve, Hailey, Julie and Sasha
02/22/18 Emergency Brass Injection (Bridge) A special escort arrives for Eve after the events earlier in the day. Cesar and Eve
02/22/18 Emergency Brass Injection (Coda) After the events earlier in the day, Eve Mas places a phone call. Eve, Lynette, Mateo, and Robyn
02/26/18 If the Tide Gets Too Strong Citizens of the Safe Zone get together to do a little bartering, a little socializing, and a little fortune telling. Many People
02/27/18 Something Wicked This Way Comes After a dreamwalker pulls unwilling participants into her nightmare, the favor is returned. Delia, Eve and Sibyl
02/28/18 Misbehaving Delia and Eve travel to Saint Margaret's School for Girls in search of answers after walking through a door that was better left closed. Delia and Eve
March 2018
03/02/18 Dig Those Crazy Cats At The Cradle Brynn checks in on Aunt Eve and fixes her cat problem. Brynn and Eve
03/04/18 A Room of Her Own She might not be able to give her everything, but maybe a room is a good start. Eimi and Eve
03/05/18 Quiet Riot The food thefts come home with an honest-to-goodness food riot in the middle of the Red Hook Marketplace. Peacekeeping is done in interesting ways. Also, holy crap, this log. Caspian, Eve, Lance, Joe, Owain and Raquelle
03/06/18 Thank You For Your Sacrifice The Eric Doyle Memorial Children's Library opens it's door for the first time. Many folk
03/08/18 On The Edge With You Eve's presence is something of a distraction at The Benchmark, but a welcome one for some. Eve, Lynette and Mateo
03/09/18 I Can See, Eye to Eye Seven years bad luck. Eve and ???
03/10/18 Are You Her? Making sense of what's been seen only brings up more questions. Des, Eve and Lynette
03/12/18 The Broken Path Odessa and Eve experiment with Refrain and experience side-effects. Des and Eve
03/14/18 Call Me When You're Sober Eve and Des share the results of their Refrain experiment with Ray, who is less than impressed. Des, Eve and Ray
03/14/18 Popopopop Eve returns from her adventures time traveling to a worried and angry Eimi. (Drugs are fun). Eimi and Eve
03/15/18 Visions of Sugarplums Rex gets a repeat customer in Eve Mas. Eve and Rex
03/16/18 Leaving The Twilight Eve goes to visit a wolf, and he invites her for dinner. Gabriel and Eve
03/16/18 Lark of My Heart While visiting Gabriel in Maine, Eve's dreams beckon her back to New York and other people she cares about. Eve
03/18/18 Drop It Like It's Hot A kooky seer throws a kooky party. This party is filled with green. Eve and fransbold text
03/19/18 A Crowd of Twisted Things A peaceful afternoon is fragmented by memory. Many
03/20/18 A Right Choice After making Freddy Mercury appear on St. Patrick's Day, Cassandra and Eve have a discussion that leads to a prophecy. Cassandra and Eve
03/21/18 Planning Ahead Like, six years ahead.. Berlin, Curtis, Eve and Rue
03/21/18 I Saw The Sign Eve sees the sign. Eve and Frank
03/22/18 Blue Caterpillar and the Ruby Slippers Des discovers radio may be the safer way to communicate with Eve. But it's at least 20% less fun. Des and Eve
03/22/18 Separate Ways Eve and Des find more than they bargained for in Dr. Witchenstein. Des, Eve and Frank
03/24/18 Snow and Birds Eve corners the Ray Siblings bearing a gift and a warning. Eve, Kaylee and Ray
03/24/18 Smoke and Lies In order to escape death, Eve is forced to make an offering. Eve and Samson
03/25/18 Everyone's a Terrorist Two friends catch up. One's a lot more optimistic than the other. Chess and Eve
03/28/18 Intentions and Assurances Hana meets Eve for tea, and to find out what her interest is in the looking glass. Eve and Hana
03/31/18 Poppies Blossom Beyond The Wall Eve comes face to face with an old wolf. Eve
April 2018
04/01/18 A Storm Of Change Eve sees a trail of blood. Eve
04/02/18 Bang A dissenter from back West arrives in New York City with information for SESA. Cassandra, Danko, Eve, Peyton and Tania
04/02/18 The More Boys I Meet Teo comes back with a box of robots. Ghost has been around a long time, you just didn't notice him? Eve gon' Eve. Very Eve. News of spectacularly gory cross-timeline encounters, and everything. Eve, Ghost and Teo
04/03/18 The Well Eve and Sibyl come face-to-face with Samson's wrath.. Eve, Samson and Sibyl
04/03/18 Man in the Moon After being thrown down a well, she needs a hero and he hates those but she's pretty. Eve and Gabriel
04/06/18 Clay Agent Robyn Quinn receives a call from an anonymous source. Eve and Robyn
04/07/18 Before Things Get Worse Because they can/do. Eve and Gabriel
04/07/18 A Celebration of History — Entrance Yamagato Industries throws a charity gala at the Fellowship Center, and all of New York is in attendance. Everyone Ever
04/07/18 A Celebration of History — Ladies' Room Bitch Gets Bit. Colette, Eve, Pearl, Sibyl and Tania
04/07/18 A Celebration of History — Gallery In the art gallery of the Fellowship Center, the past and the present collide. Everyone
04/13/18 Gold Dust Woman Eve finally goes too far.. Eve and Gillian
04/15/18 She's Coming Eve awakens to find she's burnt out her ability and also has lost something else just as precious. Also: She's coming. Eve and Gillian
04/17/18 Better Than Flowers Cesar and Lynette visit a friend in the hospital. Cesar, Eve and Lynette
04/17/18 A Freakout Cassandra wants booze and to check on Eve, Eve is not doing that well. Cassandra and Eve
04/20/18 Talk Back Radio Debate and discourse is had on a local radio show. Many Folk
04/29/18 Cookie Toast Rasheed comes to take Eve in for questioning in regards to the shooting earlier this month, nothing goes according to plan.. Eve and Rasheed
May 2018
05/13/18 Warnings Chess visits Eve and the two trade warnings — another comes in a mysterious way along with the return of Eve's sight. Chess and Eve
05/19/18 Bananas and Blow A deal goes explosive when it runs shore on the wrong beach. Peeps
05/24/18 Imagine Something So Terrible Eve Mas meets with Kam Nisatta. Eve and Nisatta
05/26/18 Shared Experiences Two women with similar experiences happen upon each other in a bar. The precog receives counsel from a Wise One. Eve and Huruma
05/26/18 Shared Experiences Two women with similar experiences happen upon each other in a bar. The precog receives counsel from a Wise One. Eve and Huruma
05/30/18 Make It Through A trio of friends follow a vision and try to come out the other side. Chess, Eve and Luther
June 2018
06/01/18 Permission Eve asks for Vincent's help in a matter of global security by following him all the way back to his house in Missouri. Eve and Vincent
06/08/18 Extremities Gillian and Squeaks go to see Eve when she returns from Kansas City to tell her about the tape that's making it's rounds. Eve, Gillian and Squeaks
06/15/18 All The News That Is Lynette continues her tour of drunken bad news. Eve and Lynette
06/16/18 All My Friends Are Dead Frank is feeling too much, and comes to Eve for advice on how to manage your emotions.. Eve and Frank
06/21/18 Partners in Boom Eve has a plan. She also has friends. Chess, Eve, Luther and Monica
06/25/18 Before the Fall Lynette and Eve make a pact of sorts. Eve and Lynette
06/26/18 Salt And Gold Dust A vision for a vision. Kaylee and Eve share them. Luther is just along for the ride. Eve, Kaylee and Luther
06/27/18 To Clarify and Classify In the search for Adam Monroe, Eve and Monica stumble onto something bigger than they realize. Eve, Green and Monica
06/29/18 Different Tools Cookies and dresses with a hard pass on genocide. Eve and Tamara
July 2018
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